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Öhlins MTB Anbausatz TTX 22M 8x22/22.2 mm

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The TTX 22 M Universal MTB shock absorber is mounted either per ball joints or per bushings. Ball joints as well as bushings can be used on both ends of the shock absorber. The TTX 22 M Universal comes with 2 ball joints and 2 bushings.

The additional mounting kits consist of bushings, plastic- or aluminium spacers and seals to mount the TTX 22 M Universal to mountain bikes with different mount width and bolts. To determine the required spacer kit for your bike please measure the width of the damper mounting points on your bike.

In case you are uncertain how to measure, what mounting kit is required or how to mount the shock absorber please ask an Öhlins MTB product dealer for support.

  • 2x Spacer Alu 7,50 mm x 15,00 mm, 8 mm Bohrung
  • 2x Dichtung, Gummi
Fits for Mountain bikes
Universal TTX 22 M Mounting Kit for Ball Joint 8 x 21,8 mm


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