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Atlas Brace Tyke Brace Beast

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Young Children
A stepping stone into the protection world. This entry level design is built specifically to handle the lower level impacts first timers experience.

Chest size
21 - 25" (53 - 63 cm)

The all new Atlas Tyke provides top tier protection in a pint size package. Creating the best kids protection meant not making any sacrifices...

    Features include a reduced new weight of 450g (1 lb), redesigned body hugging frame shape to reduce brace movement and improve fit/range of motion, simplified Easy Open release system, stronger and stiffer long travel front suspension, back supports that appear smaller but increase surface area, lighter and tougher padding material in vibrant new colors, and a redesigned innovative tether that eliminates the need for multiple tools during adjustment.
    Comfort and mobility are just as important as safety, as we feel limiting ones ability through constricting equipment can lead to potentially dangerous
    situations where someone may not be able to react properly to avoid the situation.

    As the future of our sport, we want kids to feel safer while taking risks by wearing safety equipment that doesn't hinder their ability, so we included all of our game changing flexibility technology into the Atlas Tyke.
    Split-Flex Frame
    Vertical flex is the Holy Grail of mobility and comfort. Our split frame helps mimic natural body movements to create the best experience possible.

    Easy Open
    All new Easy Open system allows for quick, repeatable entry and exit with a simple push of a button, in any weather condition.

    Jr Smart Mounts
    Hidden inside the mounting area are dual mounting holes to allow for 8mm of adjustment. Simply remove each axle & switch holes to adjust.

    Chest Suspension
    All new long travel front suspension features 30mm of travel (a 300% increase), and is slightly stiffer to help dampen a wider range of impact forces.

    Colored Padding
    Vibrant new padding colors are a perfect fit for any personality.

    Spine Free
    All new back supports increase contact with the body by 8% over the previous model, and avoid your spine by sitting on the surrounding muscles.

    Sternum Free
    All new chest support design is stronger, lighter, more compatible with chest protectors, and still sits around your sternum.

    Hybrid Strap
    Combining the comfort of a chest strap, with the function and versatility of elastic X straps. The best of both worlds. 

    Feather Weight
    The most amazing thing about wearing it is that you forget you're wearing it. 

    Surface Area
    By sitting on 27% more of the body than the competition, comfort is maximized, and forces are distributed more efficiently over the body.

    The complete redesign for 2015 is modeled after the sleek and sophisticated new Atlas Air adult brace, but has been reduced in size to fit your little daredevil perfectly.

    In the Box:

    • Tyke Jr. Brace
    • Jr Hybrid strap
    • Quickstart Guide
    • Sticker Blatt
    • Maßband

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